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The latest version of Delicious Retouch Panel 4.1.3 brings a barrage of improvements and bug fixes that will make your retouch workflow better and faster than ever before. Version 4.1. 3 of this popular retouching tool is now available for download. The new features in Delicious Retouch Panel 4.1.3 make automatically aligning multiple layers easier than ever before, support for Photoshop CC (2015) is added, and you can now import entire folders of images via drag-and-drop or manually. It also includes an option to increase the tolerance when blending colors within the adjustments layer; it's now possible to retouch complex objects with ease! The improvements are plentiful and they're all right here if you want them! Check out the update on our website today. ENHANCEMENTS + IMPROVEMENTS - We added the ability to align multiple layers in the Layers panel via the "Align Layers" command. We also made it easier to align layers when using transformations, like rotation or flip. You can find this command under Edit > Align. - Support for Photoshop CC (2015) has been added. The update will be available in Photoshop CC (2015) for Windows and Mac OS X only. More info available here: html - It is now possible to import entire folders of images via drag-and-drop or manually. Simply select them and click on the "Import" button! This feature is useful when you want to apply the same adjustments to multiple images. - The tolerance option when blending colors within the adjustments layer has been improved. Simply click on the eye icon or use Shift+L to preview these effects. You can change the tolerance value within the Preferences panel as well as for each layer independently (just right-click and select "Relative Tolerance"). IMPROVEMENTS:  - Major performance improvements were implemented for both Windows and Mac OS X users. - Improvements were implemented for the import dialog on Mac OS X including a new icon and a better workflow. - We enhanced the engine for adjusting curves within Photoshop CC (2015).  - We added a new cursor icon to indicate when the active tool is not supported by our plugin. - The "Rename Tag" window was improved along with some other minor adjustments.REPAINT BRUSH:  - In case if any of your brush tips got broken, you can use "Repair Tips" to fix them now. This feature is currently available only on Mac OS X. The option is located in the Preferences panel. cfa1e77820

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