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Dubbed MS Dhoni The Un Avi X264 Video

The movie begins with the prominent images of the Indian Cricket team in a training camp in Brisbane, Australia, where a few journalists are inquiring for details about the Indian cricket team's next opponent. A journalist is shown asking one of their coaches how is there going to be a change in strategy with another upcoming opponent. The coach is heard saying that "we always need to change strategies against any opponent." In front of him, there are some journalists who look at their digital media players and count up the number of videos from each player they have on their media player. The film then shows Dhoni walking down from a bus stop and entering into an Indian Cricket team stadium where he seems to be either exiting or arriving. The film then shows Dhoni stepping into his house where he quickly removes his shoes and is seen welcoming his newborn daughter by the help of the maid. The maid advises him to place her in her cradle (cot). The film switches to Australia where Dhoni is seen being interviewed by a journalist on what he feels about his opponent, Sri Lanka. Since it's the first time the Indian Cricket team has reached this far in a World Cup so early, he says he feels extremely happy for all the hard work that they put in during training sessions. He also expresses that since Sri Lanka had beaten them earlier in England previously, he feels that they have an upper-hand over them. The film then shows the Indian Cricket team travelling in a bus for their next game. They are shown performing various skits which include two of their players, Sourav Ganguly and Ajit Agarkar, sitting in the middle of the bus with some Pepsi cans on their laps. One of the players is seen drinking out of one of them while another player is lying behind him sleeping on his lap. Ajit Agarkar performs a skit where he is seen asking someone to donate money for charity for which they can win some tickets to see the game live in the stadium itself. Some people are heard replying that they will give them money if Sourav Ganguly performs a dance. Another player is seen lying on the floor of the bus doing his makeup. In the middle of the bus, a few players are seen playing Ludo. In another corner, a few players are seen sleeping including Suresh Raina who is sleeping on a bag which he uses as a pillow. The film then shows Dhoni's family at their home where his wife is shown removing a cream from her face and putting it back into its container. A young boy then hands her a bowl which she takes from him and puts it on to her lap before taking out some cash from it and giving it to another young girl who looks like one of their maids. The film then shows the Indian team arriving in Sri Lanka. The team is shown walking down a hilly path where they are shown performing some skits including Sourav Ganguly asking someone to drop him off at the Hotel since he didn't want to walk anymore. The hotel manager asks them to stay outside since it's raining heavily which some of them are clearly not comfortable with. One of their players also asks the hotel manager if they have dried fish for their dinner after which some of them are seen walking towards a book store where one of them is seen walking out with a book on Mahatma Gandhi. cfa1e77820

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